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Investigate genetic admixture using STRUCTURE software

Structure Software is a freely available software package that one may use for rigorous investigation of admixed individuals; identification of point of hybridization and migrants; and estimate over all structure of a population using a commonly used genetic markers such as SNPs and SSRs. This software was developed by Pritchard... [Read More]

QTL mapping using Composite Interval Mapping (CIM) method in R software

In the Quantitative Trait Locus (QTL) analysis, composite interval mapping (CIM) method estimates the QTL positon with higher accuracy and statistical significance by combining interval mapping with multiple regression. This method also controls background noise resulting from genetic variations in other regions of the genome that affect the detection of... [Read More]

Amplicon Sequencing (AmpSeq): Concept and data analysis

Amplicon Sequencing (AmpSeq) technology combines highly multiplexed PCR sequences of multiple barcoded samples in a single reaction. Amplicons include SNP, haplotypes, SSRs and presence/absence variants. Currently, in a single reaction about 400 amplicons and 3000 samples can be processed simultaneously. In this blog, my goal is to basically introduce the... [Read More]

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